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Congratulations are in order for Bob Martin and the trail builders.

Since 2003, in just 8 years, volunteers led by Jerry Barr, Larry Smartt and Bob Martin have completed 20 miles of trail on the east side of Tellico Lake.  This trail building effort reached a major milestone this year with the opening of a bridge, built by TVA, over Sinking Creek.  For the first time all twenty miles of trail are connected. 

“It’s turned out to be a real jewel,” said Bill Waldrop.

And it's a great trail to hike, especially in the winter when there are spectacular views across the lake back to Tellico Village.  If you haven't walked this trail, it's well worth a try.  (Click on 'read more' in the lower right corner to see more about the trail.)

Here’s a picture of the new bridge before the concrete floor was poured:

Here's a small version of the trail map:


The full version of this interactive map can be found at the ( website along with other information about the trail.

Bob Martin estimates that the construction of the trail has taken about 10,000 volunteer hours.  And the construction continues.  Bob says, "We'd like the northern end to link with Lenoir City.  Ideally the southern end could go all the way to Vonore and beyond." 

Here are some of the trail workers at work:


And how they travel to the job:

And some of the work they do: