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Hike - John Muir Trail - Wed., Feb.8, 2012

Wednesday, February 8, 2012
Depart at 8:00 a.m. from the Cooper Visitor Center
Driving time:   1+ hour
Distance:   6 miles  (in-and-out hike)
Elevation Gain:  minimal
Rating:   Easy
Leader:   Tom Ringenbach 458-0915
This hike covers a small portion of the route traveled by John Muir in 1857 as he made his way from Indiana to the Gulf of Mexico.  For much of this hike the trail is sandwiched between the Hiwassee River and some impressive rock formations, which are much more visible now than they are in the summer.  This hike is mostly very level, although there are a couple of spots presenting precarious footing, where some care must be taken.  This hike will begin at the Big Bend trailhead and continue to the Childers Creek trailhead.  After a water/snack break, we will return toward Big Bend, stopping for lunch at a nice spot along the river.
Driving Directions:  To be provided the morning of the hike.
Hiking boots and hiking stick(s) are recommended.  Bring ample water and a trail lunch.  Car-pooling is recommended and will be set up the  morning of the hike.  Passengers are asked to contribute $6 to the driver to help cover gas, etc.