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Hike - Ramsey Cascades - Fri., Mar.30, 2012

Tellico Village Hiking Club
Friday, March 30,2012

Depart at 8:00 am from the Cooper Visitor”s Center

Ramsay Cascades

Distance: Approximately 8 miles

Elevation Gain: 2100'

Rating: Difficult

Driving Time: 2 Hours

Leader: Gary Glesser 657-9677


Hike through virgin forest to a 90' cascade, the highest waterfall accessible by

trail in the National Park. The trail follows first the Middle Prong of the Little

Pigeon River and then Ramsay Prong. The elevation gain increases as the trail

approaches the cascade.


Hiking boots and hiking stick(s) are recommended. Bring water and a trail lunch.

Driving Directions: To be provided the morning of the hikes.

Car-pooling is recommended and will be set up the morning of the hike.

Passengers are asked to contribute $6 to the driver to help cover gas etc.