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Hike - Glendale Loop/Coytee Trail, East Lakeshore Trail - Fri., July 12, 2013

Friday July 12, 2013

Depart at 8:00 am from the Chota Center


Glendale Loop/Coytee Trail (East Lakeshore) Trail

Distance: Approximately 5 miles

Rating: Easy

Driving Time:  30 Minutes

Leader: Bob Kutschera 408-3092


This trail is a pleasant hiking experience winding along the shoreline of Powerline Cove and the main channel of Tellico Lake. Last year East Lakeshore Trail was placed on the National Register of Hiking Trails. 

Hiking boots and hiking stick(s) are recommended.  Because of the amount of rain this year, the trails tend to be a bit narrow in places due to vegetation growth, so long pants are recommended. Bring ample water and a trail snack. Driving instructions will be distrubuted at the Chota Center and $2 per person to the driver is suggested.