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Hike - Frozen Head State Park - Fri., May 9, 2014

FRIDAY,  MAY 9, 2014
Depart at 8:00 a.m. from the Chota Center
This week’s hike was scheduled for Laurel Falls in the Snow Pocket Wilderness.  However, we are not able to do this hike at this time because there is a bridge that is impassable due to tree damage.  Another moderate hike of comparable distance is being substituted. 
Distance:  6.5 miles
Rating:   Moderate
Driving Time:   1 hour
Elevation Gain:  1,237 feet
Leader:  Don DiTullio   603-569-0906  
This is a beautiful hike in the Cumberland Mountains with plenty of wildflowers, birds, and a couple of waterfalls.  We will meet at the Park’s visitor center for a pit stop, then drive to picnic area C where we will leave some of the cars and shuttle some to the Debord Falls trailhead where the hike begins.
We’ll take a short hike to Debord Falls and Emory Gap Falls, then backtrack to the Panther Branch Trail.  All the elevation gain is on this trail.  The 2.1 mile trail is steep and narrow in sections.  There is one possible wet spot, not deep, but on a smooth outcropping on a narrow part of the trail.  There is also a large tree down across the trail which some people may need help getting over.  The park personnel are aware of it and said they will try to clear it.
We will head back on the 3.3 mile North Old Mac trail.  This trail has a gradual downslope.  The trail terminates at picnic area C where we can have lunch.

Hiking boots and hiking sticks are recommended. Driving directions will be provided the morning of the hike.
Bring water and a trail lunch. Carpooling is recommended, passengers are asked to contribute $6 to the driver to help cover gas, etc.,