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Hike - Mullens Cove Loop, Prentice-Cooper Forest - Wed., Sept.28, 2016

Depart at 8:00 a.m. from Chota Center
MULLENS COVE LOOP   (Prentice-Cooper Forest/Chattanooga)
Distance:   10 miles
Rating:   Moderate
Driving time:  2 hours
Elevation Change:  300 feet; Cumulative elevation change of 1700 feet   
Leader:   Dolly Garnett   865-556-5014

This loop is located off of the Cumberland Trail in the Tennessee River Gorge Segment,  west of Chattanooga in the Prentice-Cooper Forest.  The first part of the trail is flat and easy passing through a pleasant forest on the plateau.  The trail then descends into the forest following a creek and then continues with a series of gentle climbing and descending throughout the 10 mile loop.     Points of interest are Snoopers Rock with wide open views of the Tennessee River gorge from a large rock bluff, Mullens Cove overlook, and a natural rockhouse and stone door.