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Hike - Jackson Bend & Morganton branches of the East Lakeshore Trail - Fri., Dec.2, 2016

Depart at 8:00 a.m. from Chota Center

Jackson Bend and Morganton Branch of the East Lakeshore Trail (Shuttle)
Distance:  8.1 miles
Rating:  Easy  
Driving Time:  15 minutes
Leader:   Sue & Bob Lehmann  734-497-7226  

Jackson Bend Branch Trail:  From the Lotterdale Campground entrance road, the Jackson Bend Branch Trail extends 5.1 miles to the Peterson Road Trailhead.  This branch showcases a variety of landscapes and scenic views and includes an elevation gain of more than 200 feet.  A ¼ mile connecting trail to the map kiosk at the campground entrance provides ready access to the East Lakeshore Trail for campers.
Morganton Branch Trail:  From the Peterson Rd. Trailhead the 3-mile stretch of the Morganton Branch trail extends to the southern terminus of the East Lakeshore Trail at Wildcat Pointe Trailhead.  A variety of interesting and scenic lake views reward the hiker especially along the Baker Creek arm of Tellico Lake featuring a 140 foot boardwalk.  Before reaching Wildcat Pointe Trailhead, the trail ascends to a ridge with an elevation of approximately 200 feet above the summer lake level providing excellent views of the lake in the wintertime.  
Lunch:  For those who are interested, we are going to the Marathon Gas Station for lunch afterward.  If you haven’t been there, it’s an experience and only 10 minutes from the end of your hike!