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We have joined Tellico Life and our new homepage is now located at this link TV Hikers
To stay in touch with our hikes, join Tellico Life and subscribe to our email list.
To join Tellico Life go to and click on membership info.


TV Hikers on TellicoLife 
TV Hikers use TellicoLife in several important ways. 
• Calendar
◦ Our hikes are published on the TellicoLife Calendar
▪ Category: Clubs
▪ Search TVHikers to view only our hikes
• Group E-List
◦ Join our E-list on TellicoLife to receive our club and hike communications
▪ Sign in to TellicoLife
▪ Navigate to My Profile > My Features > E-List
▪ Turn the tv.hikers slider bar to green
◦ If you don't see it on the 1st page, change the page to display more rows
◦ Emails from will land in your email in-basket
▪ You do not need to be logged onto TellicoLife to view or find your emails from TV Hikers.  They will be sent directly to your email address. 
◦ Replies will go to the sender
View our E-Mail Message History   (must be signed on)