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Website Attack

If you've visited this site in the last two weeks, you would have seen lots of extraneous material, links to all kinds of insurance and health and sex sites.

We've been under attack!

People from around the world, from Taiwan to Brazil to Russia to Indonesia to California have been stopping by to leave these links. I do not understand what the value is for these people to do this. Nor do I know why they chose this site from the millions of other sites out there.

On the other hand the site has had more traffic than ever and one of the spammers even left a comment to let me know they liked the site. First comment from a viewer ever! I'm sorry it was from a spammer and not a hiker.

If you visit this site and see this type of trash again please email me and let me know so I can clean it up.

Lou Miller

Hike Cancelled

Meigs Mountain Trail Hike February 10 is cancelled due to lousy weather.


The Knoxville Sentinel has an interesting story on wild hogs in the national park.

2010 Calendar on-line

The 2010 Calendar is now posted under the calendar link or go here.

It's a google/gmail calendar so if you have a google account you can link this calendar to your calendar.

January 6 Hike delayed to January 13

Old Sugarland Trail Hike is now scheduled for January 13.

Hiking Love Stories

Here are two stories about couples falling in love while hiking.

A Towsend couple
A Maynardville Couple

House Mountain Hike 12/5/09

Janice and DexterJanice and Dexter

Pictures from the House Mountain Hike courtesy of Gail:

Overnight Hiking Trip

Curt organized an excellent overnight trip to Maggie Valley, October 27,28,29. Some folks canceled because of the rain Tuesday, but Wednesday and Thursday were beautiful, sunny and cool. The tourist towns on the east side of the Smokies are less dense than Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, more comfortable, too. But don't eat in the restaurant we ate in.

Here's some pics:

Fall Color Report

Fall Color Report

Higher elevations will stay at peak color through October 23, lower elevations through November 6. All trails are great to hike now.

The real story of the John Muir Trail Hike

Diane Anderson sends this photo that captures the John Muir Hike better than anything else:

Snakes and HornetSnakes and Hornet

See the snake warning!
See the Hornet!

Yes, some of us did get stung and we did see a copperhead. Here it is in all its magnificent glory:


John Muir Trail Hike September 25, 2009

27 hikers hiked September 25. Several got stung by bees.

Here's some pictures courtesy of Gail:

Lessons Learned

On the TwentyMile Trail Hike on September 9, 2009, your webmaster, Lou Miller, was stung twice by bees as were several other hikers. I am allergic to bee stings. Normally, I carry an EpiPen with me but could not locate it before the hike. (I did find it the day after.) If you are allergic to bee stings you can suffer an anaphylactic reaction which means your blood pressure drops severely and you have difficulty breathing among other symptoms. It can kill you, if left untreated. The anaphylactic reaction can occur a few minutes after the sting or several hours after the sting or not at all.

Twenty Mile Trail

Twenty two hikers hiked Twenty Mile Trail 9/9/9
Pictures courtesy Gail:

78 year old does 900 miles

78 year old completes 900 miles in Smokies.

It's not to late for the rest of us. You, too, can qualify for the Geezer 900 T shirt.

Overnight Hiking Trip

To: Tellico Village Hiking Club, Muddy Boots Alumni, villagers who like to hike

Kay and I are organizing an overnight easy/moderate hiking trip for Oct. 27-29 in and around Maggie Valley, NC. Overnight accommodations would be at the Microtel Inn in Maggie Valley. The group rate is $55.24 plus tax per night. We might incur an extra charge of approximately $100 to use their meeting room for social activities rather than the breakfast room which is on the small side. I would propose that we divide that extra cost evenly among the attendees (perhaps $5 per couple) They do have an indoor pool and hot tub as well. Attendees would have the option of staying both nights or coming home after the hike on the 28th. It is a wonderful area in general with a little something for everyone. You might consider a visit to Waynesville, NC, the Biltmore House, or golf on one of the local courses on the 29th.

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